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San Diego Security Conference Presentations:

Friday, October 13th, 2017

10:00 AM TRENDnet
10:30 AM Joe Talley
11:00 AM Aptonomy
11:30 AM Neil Zerbe
12:00 PM Delta
12:30 PM TrackForce
1:00 PM Amir Emadi
1:30 PM RAD
2:00 PM Dr. Eric Frost
2:30 PM Veracity
3:00 PM Intelli-Vision
3:30 PM Dahua
4:00 PM VNS
4:30 PM BCDVideo

Joe Talley
Joe is a US Army special operations combat veteran with the personal goal to save lives. Since he began launching UAVs from the back of a pick-up by driving very quickly across a very small combat outpost, Joe has become a strong advocate of getting UAVs into the hands of operators, law enforcement, security and first responders. Joe works with security and first responders across the US to seek out lessons learned and best practices in UAS employment and regularly communicates with the FAA, FEMA, LA Fire and many other agencies regarding UAS tactics, policies and procedures, and counter-UAS strategies. Joe first conducted search and rescue operations as part of a special operations unit, and later served with a FEMA US&R team, leading his team underground for the first time at the World Trade Center after 9/11. After weeks of recovery operations, Joe was compelled to serve again, returning numerous times to Iraq and Afghanistan, with over four years total time on the ground. He has also served on close protection details overseas for the US government. An avid writer, Joe has contributed articles on a variety of safety and security topics to numerous print and online platforms, including Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, ABC News, and major tactical, military and security journals.

Joe’s Presentation Descriptions (3 Sessions):

FRUAS 101: Intro to Public Safety and Commercial Security Unmanned Systems Operations (30 min. @ 10:30AM)

Overhead view is critical to First Responder and other emergency and security requirements, and small UAS or drones may make the difference in saving lives and protecting property, while persistent data flow collected by air assets is critical to on-time decision making processes. Drones are being used by Fire & Rescue, Law Enforcement, Security and other public safety in a variety of protective and response roles. This briefing provides an introduction to UAS use in Public Safety and Security and also Counter-UAS concepts.

FRUAS 102: Setting Up the Public Safety / Security UAS Program; Operations Evolution in Harvey & Irma Response (60 min. in classroom A @ 12:00 Noon)
There are many unique requirements in setting up either a Public Safety or Commercial Security Drone Program. This presentation highlights the general process of establishing a program, a review of the regulatory requirements and options for Public Safety and Security departments, and basic recommendations on incorporating UAS into an existing security plan. This presentation also includes a discussion on COA vs. 107 considerations for First Responders and is ideal for both Public Safety and Security Officers. Includes critical real world UAS applications including recent disaster response.

FRUAS 103: Drone / Counter-Drone – Counter-UAS Strategies and Systems for Prisons, Ports, Critical Infrastructure and Other Private Facilities (60 min. om classroom A @ 3:00PM)
Critical Infrastructure and Corporate Data Centers now require protection from unauthorized drones from physical and electronic attacks. While terrorists now regularly use drones to attack military forces, drones are also an electronic threat to any business with data that is not adequately shielded from their reach. This presentation provides information on TTPs (Tactics, Techniques and Procedures) used by unauthorized UAS pilots and the typical locations targeted. Discussion focuses on the various methods of detection employed and potential disruption tools and includes the legal limitations of current US law regarding Counter-UAS efforts.


Daniel Magy is the founder of Citadel Defense Company and leads a team of experts with backgrounds in the commercial and military drone industries providing automated, cost effective, full spectrum RF and RC threat management / counter-drone solutions on the ground and in the air. Citadel technologies can be deployed to protect stadiums, concerts or marathons, without disrupting cell phones, emergency communications or TV broadcasts. The Citadel is currently protecting numerous military and government clients.


Neil Zerbe
Neil Zerbe of San Diego, California is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, the Naval Postgraduate School and the Defense Acquisition Management School.
Neil is a business development consultant who focuses on helping broad industry domain and DoD/Defense Industry connect with each other on emerging requirements and innovative solutions for mutual growth and security.

Neil has been a community leader and business development senior executive for major corporations following a distinguished career in the U.S. Navy spanning four decades. Neil was a carrier strike aviator and veteran of deployments worldwide. He has planned and led air combat operations worldwide. Neil was also the carrier battle force [4 aircraft carrier strike groups] precision strike planner and C5ISR coordinator.

Neil was the United States Central Command Air Operations Chief and cruise missile program manager. He managed multiple, global Joint Task Force deployments. He was Chief of Combined Air Operations Centers. He managed joint C5ISR systems in support of international operations including unmanned systems and precision strike planning.

Mr. Zerbe will deliver an executive overview summary of the most recent work done by the BAH/MARTAC team to include the USV and the Secure Mesh Network/4G LTE Port/Harbor Security in Maritime Unmanned Systems security systems.


Amir Emadi
President and CEO
Skylift Global (or Skylift)

Amir Emadi previously helped build a startup to $1m in revenue in less than a year before launching Skylift, a maker of heavy-lift UAVs (or drones). Amir has worked for 15 years in operations, marketing, and political advisory roles. While with the World Trade Center in San Diego, his focus was on the local ecosystem. He has since addressed security policy and infrastructure voids in the Middle East and rural Africa.

Emadi earned a bachelor’s degree in International Security and Conflict Resolution from San Diego State University and a Masters in Business Administration in Global Management from Thunderbird. He also completed the CMC Graduate School of Business, European Regional Business Environment Program. Emadi serves on the board of the Organization of Iranian-American Communities, where he represents 40 states to government and military decision-makers.

Mr. Emadi will discuss Public safety benefits of the uses of heavy-lift UAVs.


Dr. Eric Frost, Professor, Homeland Security and in Geological Sciences, Director of Viz Center at San Diego State University. Frost and co-workers focus their educational and research efforts on disaster response worldwide and seeking ways to help governments, organizations, and responders with the goals of saving lives, reducing damage, as well as rebuilding and sustainability past disasters.

With the Wall Prototypes being constructed at Otay Mesa, a focus in Homeland Security is how to really find solutions that build up both commerce (more than $72 Billion from Mexico to California) and increase security. Internet of Things (IoT), wireless technologies, Artificial Intelligence for decision support, and even distributed ledgers can assist in remarkable ways with building successful borders and almost everything else in Homeland Security. Suggestions for some of the ways that such solutions might be highlighted in the border region to build collaboration, economic success, and security will be woven together as possibilities for companies and organizations in San Diego-Tijuana and related regions.