Exhibitor Showcase

The San Diego Security Show is produced by Security.World

Visitors will experience first hand solutions in the video surveillance and physical security industry including IP-cameras, access control, biometrics, networking, video analytics, VMS systems, video storage solutions, and more.

San Diego Security Conference is a full 1-day conference has been developed out of the desire to “put the marble in the machine” and see first hand how all of the various aspects of a physical security infrastructure can actually work together. Attendees will watch and learn how true interoperability works in action and push aside the hype from what can truly be accomplished.

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Current Exhibitors Include:


Autonomous Security Association
San Diego Security Conference is proud to share the stage with the Autonomous Security Association. Head outside to our 7,000 square foot area dedicated to the live flight demos of aerial and ground robotic security drones. See how these new technologies are impacting the overall security operation.

Robotic Assistance Devices
In our outdoor pavilion, learn how ground robotic security solutions can significantly improve your operational awareness, reduce costs, and allow you to position personnel in more critical areas to secure your organization.

Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) is an innovator in the delivery of artificial intelligence and robotic solutions for operational, security and monitoring needs. RAD is founded on the belief that next-generation robots can help organizations streamline operations, increase ROI and strengthen business. RAD robotics technology improves the simplicity and economics of patrolling and guard services, and allows experienced personnel to focus on more strategic tasks. Customers augment the capabilities of existing staffs and gain higher levels of situational awareness, all at drastically reduced cost.


In our event’s outdoor pavilion, witness Aptonomy security drones in action. Powered by advanced robotics and artificial intelligence, Aptonomy’s BlackHawk Drone Fleet unlocks wide area surveillance coverage, autonomous threat response, and continuous situational awareness across your entire property. Best of all, the drones integrate seamlessly into your existing security infrastructure.

Aptonomy’s Drone Fleet patrols your entire premises remotely via artificial intelligence. It flies automatic patrol routes, gathering and analyzing surveillance video and sensor data. When it detects unusual activity, it sends an alert back to the control center and engages the intruder. The security drone provides high definition imaging, facial recognition and real-time recorded video of the identified subject. The system can also be configured with a wide range of remote sensors that dispatch the drone to the area upon trigger for a closer look.


San Diego Security Conference Exhibitors:


Logo_PMS 295 C
See firsthand BCDVideo’s simple yet enterprise-capable networking solutions for your security project. Learn about their Titan networking solutions that reduce network outages, enjoy quicker access to information, and easily integrate new communications channels and applications.

BCDVideo’s specialized solutions utilizing Shortest Path Bridging to offer a more robust security network infrastucture. Fundamentally different from complex and static IP networks, it enables a dynamic, agile, and resilient network where services can be deployed easily and efficiently.

Realize the full potential of IP video surveillance technology by upgrading away from traditional, complex IP multicast networks. Customers can streamline their network, eliminate legacy protocols, and enable IP routing.

NOTE: BCDVideo will also host physical security dealer (only) network equipment training throughout the day. If you are a dealer, contact us for your Free dealer training ticket.


Check out Dahua’s megapixel IP and HD Analog surveillance cameras. Dahua’s cameras are based on an open platform that enhances flexibility and system integration, while demonstrating their commitment to video data security. Dahua’s core video surveillance product line can be utilized in many verticals, including banking, retail, manufacturing, hotels/leisure, cannabis, stadiums, municipalities, and transportation.

Learn more about Dahua’s key technologies that lead the security industry include HD-CVI (megapixel video over coax), 4k camera resolutions, and the H.265 compression technology.


Delta Turnstiles
When your organization is looking for the most appropriate access control solution, see what Delta Turnstiles brings to the ecosystem. Actually engage in a live implementation of access control turnstiles and how this turnstile integrates into the overall security eco-system. When you need a beautiful and excellent optical turnstile, with or without barrier arms, you can count on Delta Turnstiles.


For 19 years Dotworkz continues to produce professional grade outdoor and extreme climate camera protection solutions. Our products give integrators, dealers, distributors, IT consultants, and camera manufactures an extensive product line engineered to withstand and thrive in all environments. Our products are American made to the highest standards and certification levels to insure quality and performance while extending the life of cameras and sensitive electronics.


Kinetic Consulting
Kinetic Consulting provides on-time, on-target tactical and public safety training including conducting unmanned systems operations for ISR and emergency response. Partner Kinetic Energy Media produces print and visual media highlighting the military, defense, government, and public safety arenas and the critical content relevant to decision makers. KEM’s publications are created by operators for operators with the mission of bringing together the latest innovations in products and services for military, law enforcement, security, first responders, disaster preparedness personnel, and remote operators. The Kinetic team represents these same operators and we now credibly share that ‘on the ground’ expertise and perspective with our audience.


IntelliVision is a market leader in AI and Deep Learning-based video analytics and video cloud software. IntelliVision solutions provide actionable insights for security and monitoring in Smart Enterprise and Smart City applications, business intelligence for Smart Enterprise and Smart Retail.

Deployed in over 3,000,000 cameras worldwide and using a combination of AI, neural networks and deep learning, IntelliVision is the power behind the smart camera,
The Brains Behind The Eyes.

By analyzing the video content, extracting metadata, sending out real-time alerts and providing intelligence to all other security systems, IntelliVison delivers true business intelligence to any organization.


Trackforce can dynamically change the way security operations and workforce are run and managed. More than real-time guard tours, electronic logbooks, and incident reporting, Trackforce’s security operations and workforce management apps give companies the tools and support needed to thrive. The suite, known as GuardTek, is loaded with features. It delivers simple-to-configure solutions that increase productivity and automation, create transparency, generate key operational data, and support business growth. The company’s security experts work with customers to ensure that GuardTek is customized to match unique business needs.


TRENDnet, a global provider of award winning networking and surveillance solutions, can help you discover the full potential of Power over Ethernet solutions. Looking to solve a wired networking, surveillance, or wireless networking challenge? Let TRENDnet provide a unique PoE solution that works for you.

TRENDnet’s web smart switches provide advanced traffic management controls, troubleshooting, and SNMP monitoring support making them a powerful solution for SMB networks. For remote network monitoring and management, powered by Domotz hardware is now available from TRENDnet. Visit TRENDnet’s booth for more information!


Veracity will be demonstrating VIEWSCAPE Pro™, an integrated security management platform which provides a unified and coherent system for management and control of single or multiple sites, allowing system operators to be far more efficient in responding to incidents.

VIEWSCAPE Pro is fully integrated with Veracity’s TRINITY™ direct-to-storage system and, fundamental to that, the award-winning, advanced COLDSTORE™ surveillance storage system. It also features a full video and media wall display option which can be reconfigured on-the-fly and in response to specific incidents or emergency situations. Live views may be mixed with playback and media streams such as broadcast news, online data streams, maps or other graphical displays.

In addition, see how COLDSTORE can enable the use of high resolution cameras with longer retention times (even a year or more) as the most reliable, affordable and energy efficient solution on the market. See how organizations can leverage existing infrastructure with Veracity’s HIGHWIRE product line. Several Veracity transmission devices will be showcase how security devices can reach beyond standard network distance limitations.


Viper Cabling
Viper Cabling is a complete end-to-end low-voltage systems and media technology integration company that specializes in the Audio/ Visual, Broadcast, Telecom, IT and security markets. In the last 15 years, Viper Cabling Inc. has completed over 1,500 projects as a licensed C7 low-voltage contractor & subcontractor, and has an experienced team of experts totaling over 150 years of combined hands-on experience in the low-voltage Audio/Visual, IT, Broadcast and security markets. From conception to engineering, and engineering to implementation, Viper Cabling Inc. is the right partner for any sized project and takes pride in connecting your world.


ViSTA Networking Solutions
ViSTA Networking Solutions are IP video architects focused on delivering performance-oriented modular, scalable, hardware solutions developed exclusively to meet the requirements of IP video surveillance applications.
We offer a broad portfolio of standard and custom products which address installation needs from embedded/industrial applications all the way to multi-terabyte enterprise solutions – and everything in between.

Launching at the San Diego Security Conference is our latest product, the Video Bunker. Utilizing a fire and water resistant hard drive, the Video Bunker runs in parallel with your existing Video Management System, and records and stores the a running archive of 6- to 8-hours. The Video Bunker insures that in the case of a fire, the last several hours leading up to the destruction of the cameras and primary recording system are preserved. The Video Bunker is the first product to utilize VNS’s new optimized Video Surveillance Operating System: VSOS.